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Remembering John Cozman

John Cozman, Regional Manager, Saskatchewan for Security Resource Group and a legend of the Canadian wrestling world, passed away on November 28th at the age of 52 after a battle with cancer. “I learned a lot from John over the many years we knew each other. Not only in-ring lessons, but how to carry yourself […]

Ransomware – Reduce, Re-image, Recover

The Three “R’s” of Ransomware This article will provide advice to our customers on some of the most common points of awareness in dealing with the increasing frequency of Ransomware threats. With predictions of Ransomware to reach new levels of infections for 2016, your organization should be prepared in the event of an outbreak. These […]

SRG Acquires Investigation Services Ltd.

SRG is pleased to announce the acquisition of Investigation Services Ltd (ISL) of Cambridge Ontario. Most of their operations are in Western Canada which makes this an ideal fit for SRG. ISL is a great company that specializes in the provision of security to large distribution centres that service the food industry. ISL also specializes […]

In China, Cybercrime Underground Activity Doubled In 2013

Forget intelligence gathering. Financially motivated cybercrime is booming behind the Great Wall. China has become infamous for politically motivated intelligence gathering, but new research from Trend Micro shows that a financially motivated, politically independent cybercrime underground is alive and growing behind the Great Wall, as well… Read more on DarkReading.com

Lost smartphones usually probed for private data

The odds of having a lost cellphone returned are just a little better than 50/50, while the chances of it being probed by its finder are close to 100 per cent, according to the results of an experiment conducted in six Canadian cities… Read more on CBC.ca