Cyber Security Bulletin: FireEye Cyber Security Breach

This Cyber Security alert is intended for organizations that utilize this technology as part of their cyber security protection program.

On December 8, 2020, cyber security firm FireEye disclosed that it was recently a victim of a targeted security breach by a threat actor.

The threat actors were successful at infiltrating the internal network and acquire red team security assessment tools. FireEye is currently investigating and initial findings show no evidence of customer data exfiltration and at this time cannot state confidently whether these tools will be used or publicly disclosed by the threat actors..

These FireEye tools are used by customers to simulate real-world cyber attacks and test themselves in a near-real type of environment. Users of these technologies should review FireEye released methods of detecting the use of those red team tools in the event the threat actors use them for attack purposes.

Further actions for Consideration:

  • Review the CSE Top 10 Security Actions (https://cyber.gc.ca/en/top-10-it-security-actions)
  • Review the signatures shared by FireEye and consider them for inclusion within security appliances. Organizations are encouraged to contact vendors if tailored signatures are required for specific products.
  • Consider measures to limit the amount of sensitive information that malicious actors can collect about their networks by performing security assessments on network systems for un-necessary or inadequately secured or patched services.
  • Assess networks for the presence of vulnerable software, particularly where it is installed on devices exposed to the internet, and update as soon as possible to the latest version.
  • Implement two-factor authentication (2FA) on all internet-facing remote access services, starting with perimeter security devices such as firewalls and remote access gateways for teleworkers and administrators.

Please reach out to us with your concerns or for more information on how to protect yourself and your business.