Ransomware – Reduce, Re-image, Recover

The Three “R’s” of Ransomware

This article will provide advice to our customers on some of the most common points of awareness in dealing with the increasing frequency of Ransomware threats. With predictions of Ransomware to reach new levels of infections for 2016, your organization should be prepared in the event of an outbreak. These predictions are based on the “reported” known attacks; keeping in mind many organizations do not publically disclose an infection. With this increase in attacks and Ransomware variants changing almost weekly, having up-to-date Antivirus solutions may not simply be enough to fend off zero-day exploits and attacks. Below are some tips to aid in protecting your environment from blackmail attempts.

  1. Reduce – Reduce the potential of attack vectors by implementing various practices such as user awareness training, system hardening/patching and strict Group Policy Object designs to name a few.

  2. Re-Image – Re-Image any system that falls victim to a successful Ransomware attack. Ransomware variants are ever-evolving to be more persistent that its predecessors. The old adage remains true, “Never trust a compromised system”.

  3. Recover – Recovering from an infection or outbreak will take the most time. Whether this is due to a file recovery solution or the simple feeling of being violated, having sound recovery solutions in place will lessen the impact.

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