Cyber Breach Investigation/Recovery Services

What happens if we find you’ve been compromised? Does your team have the skills to address these challenges?

SRG’s world-class Cyber Incident Response Team (CIRT) will be mobilized to begin the process of mitigating the damage caused by a Cyber Breach.

Technical Incident Response

If there’s a data breach or leak, we immediately investigate and start remediation.

We Provide:

  • Immediate assistance with the safe shut down of systems
  • Immediate monitoring of all levels of the Web for information being sold
  • Forensics investigation of the breach; determining what has been infected/damaged/stolen
  • System/Program Recovery recommendations and/or assistance
  • Consulting to provide a path for a more secure environment going forward

Legal Incident Response

Managing risk is critical if you are breached.

  • Our independent legal cyber experts will advise on how to manage situations like fraud, IP/identity theft or copyright infringements, to name a few.
  • We can also help with your provincial regulatory and Privacy Officers and prepare legal action if required.

Reputation Incident Response

You’ve been compromised – what do you tell customers, stakeholders and employees? How do you protect your reputation and convince everyone you can be trusted in the future?

We give you communications strategies, tools and content to properly inform stakeholders and employees.

We’ll also help with social media. Many companies don’t know what’s being said about them on all layers of social media until we uncover it – and you don’t know the damage that’s being done.

We uncover negative content and use our independent Reputation Management team to:

  • Improve online reputation
  • Create positive content

When you are under attack it is important to be proactive, transparent and timely to protect your reputation.

Why SRG?

  • Concierge Service
    Dedicated senior cyber analysts with a focus on proactively protecting you.
  • Skilled Threat Analysis
    Detailed scans and reports – interpret the data.
  • Remediation Recommendations
    What you need to do.
  • Reporting that Makes Sense
    Convert technical detail into understandable information.