Digital Bodyguard Security (DBS)

Threat Intelligence

We scan all layers of the internet and identify any activity associated with you and your company. We give you real time – 24/7/365 – monitoring and alert you to any problems.

We Look For

  • Indications your company may have been compromised
  • Signs your information is being traded for profit or will be used against you
  • Information or malicious behaviour that can affect your reputation and corporate brand.

We Deliver

  • Continuous scanning and monitoring – 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year
  • Notification of risks
  • Threat analysis and mitigation recommendations
  • Regular reviews & reporting.

You Get

  • Corporate Brand/Reputation Protection
  • Data and information Protection
  • Identification and investigation of threats
  • Quick detection = quick response.
  • Safety online – just like you expect in your everyday life.

Note: DBS customers have priority access to our CIRT services (additional fees apply).

Security Education, Training and Testing

While your employees are your greatest asset, they are also your biggest risk as it relates to security breaches and ransomware.

Eighty per cent of reported security incidents result from phishing attacks.

Phishing is an attacker masquerading as a trusted entity, duping staff into opening an email, message or text. Once the email or message is open, attackers gain access to secure corporate information.

Protect yourself and your employees with DBS Security Education, Training and Testing – delivered through web-based modules.

We Cover

  • Phishing
  • Email security
  • Password safety
  • Internet protection
  • Malware

We test employees via emails disguised as phishing – if they click on the email, they are immediately notified of their error with an explanation and redirect for further education.

We provide detailed reports and trends to clients to monitor progress.

We Deliver:

  • Web based education/training
  • 2 times/year phishing campaign (testing) • Additional training is available
  • Summary report.


  • Educate employees and improve awareness • Protect assets
  • Reduce risk of an attack
  • Reduce downtime.

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