Cyber Security Consulting Services

The SRG Cyber Security team has numerous years of experience in providing tech security services for customers across all walks of business. This experience was gained by leveraging certifications and years of project experience on a magnitude of technologies being used in the industry, from past to today. It is for this reason that SRG can offer the following services.


  • Network and security architecture design/review
    Design, redesign or review a customer’s network and security technology framework with a focus on matching business needs to technologies available.
  • Security product migration/implementation services
    Senior experienced resources to assist a customer with the implementation of technologies such as but not limited to Microsoft, Websense, Juniper, Fortinet, Cisco, McAfee, Dell and HP
  • Enterprise Security Programs
    Assisting the customer in building a framework and roadmap to implementing an enterprise security program. Stages of this service include developing a current state model of policies, practices, organizational design and both physical and logical security, developing a future state model and building a practical roadmap to achieve the future state.
  • Development of incident management and response policies and practices for customers
    Assisting customer with the development of a cyber security incident management process.


  • Cyber Security recommendations to meet business requirements.
  • Technology expertise to assist customers with the complexities that are inherent in today’s new IT solutions.
  • Integration of a customer’s old and new technologies to contain costs and maximize benefits.