Staff Augmentation Services

SRG has a strong business presence in western Canada. Our strength is in the ability to bring to a customer the right skill at the right time at a competitive price. We accomplish this with our existing SRG employees as well as the many business-partner relationships SRG has developed over the years.

The value SRG brings is one vendor to work with while giving you the depth and breadth of the SRG network to acquire the right skills to perform the task.

Staff & Skill Fractionalization

SRG has created a service model to allow customers to pick and choose specific skills and experience on a part-time or fractional basis as well as the option of selecting certain skilled resources for full-time engagements. This fractional model is adapted to the specific needs and budget of the customer. Many companies are leveraging this model to augment their teams with specific skills.

Resource Skills

SRG provides placement services of information technology skilled professionals to provide customers’ with resources for their support purposes. These roles can be short term or long term in nature.  Many customers use these services to augment their technology team for a specific project or for a period of time when there is a high volume of activity in IT.

SRG provides resources in the following areas:

  • Security analysts and consultants
  • Networks analysts and architects
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Solution architecting