Faces of YWG: Living out a lifelong passion on the airfield

Mesmerized by the miracle of flight at an early age, Shawn Trotman turned his childhood passion for aviation into a career on the airfield at Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.

As a kid, Trotman visited YWG frequently with his granddad to watch planes take off and land – sparking his deep love for the industry. He would also go into work with his dad on the weekends to gain a bird’s eye view of the airport from an office just north of the campus. Years later, he’s now working on that same airfield, day and night, helping to support the airport’s strong security culture.

“My very first memories of the airport were in my granddad’s car,” said Trotman. “It was my dream to work at the airport since I was young and I just kept pursuing it. Once I got my foot in the door, I never looked back and ran with my dream job.”

As part of the Airfield Safety Officer team for Security Resource Group Inc. (SRG), Trotman actively patrols the perimeter of the airfield. This task involves diligently monitoring all 22 kilometres of the airfield’s boundary to help keep the environment safe. With 17 years of experience in the role at YWG, he starts and finishes each shift with an unwavering passion for the job…

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